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JS Downunder

Our first wristwatch that takes the hands between the dials.
What should we say about the design of this watch? Unique, timeless, elegant and above all different.
Wearers of the watch should get used to astonished looks.
In the Downunder run minute hand, second hand and the hour disc under the dial. They are cut out so that all hands can be read at any time.

The hours are displayed in the Downunder watches with a diamond on the hour, which are very elaborately crafted by hand. The edges of the hour disc are hand-angled and depending on the model red gold plated, yellow gold plated, black rhodium or painted.

The upper and the lower dial are provided with different decorative cuts on all models. The dials are either gold plated or covered with a special transparent lacquer, which was specially developed for watches.

The automatic rotor is adapted to the color design of the respective dials and is visible through the glass bottom.
All illustrated watchstraps are changeable. There are all types of leather, bracelets or rubber strap to choose from.

NEW Design of the downunder 1pD

JS single-Hand watches

When the first single-hand watches emerged after the sundial, this was certainly not due to the technical advances of the time, but rather to the fact that one hand displays the time as well as two. Over time, however, time has become more and more subdivided, and the increasing lack of time, especially in the present, is even driving some people to scale their deadlines with coundowns that madly capture even the tenth of a tenth. This is also reflected in some of today's watches. Counter, alarm, reminder, wake up and more. The chronic shortage of time is thereby brought more to the eye and does not make it any better.

Today people who carry single-hand watches, show that they have a sovereign way of dealing with time and can not be disturbed by any second. At the center of these watches is the elegance, individuality and precise mechanics of the built work, which has been elaborately refined and modified. No matter on which side of the time views you stand, single-hand watches are always a guarantee for prying eyes.

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