We love the craft

Each movement is elaborately refined and finsished by us before encasing. These include, among other things, stripe pattern, sun pattern, circular-grain finish, blued movement screws, angling edges, gilding, rhodium plating, special hand polishes, and black polishes. No industrial production, but high quality craftsmanship.

Modifications, for example, to the single-hand function, we take into our own hand. Watchmaking at the highest level with attention to Detail.

The elaborate skeletonization of a movement is done without the use of machines, but exclusively by high-quality craftsmanship.

Preferably, we resort to the finishing processes on some 100-year-old crafting techniques. Features for highly refined movements are f. E. extremely expensive black polishes or angling edges.
Even the movement holding ring, non-visible for the wearer, is elaborately finished with circular-grain finish or sun pattern, which are then gilded or rhodium-plated. Hardly any manufactory still begrudge their workpieces such refinements by hand today.
We pay meticulous attention to every detail and dream of how a watchmaker of the future, in which we are no longer, opens a smile of enthusiasm and joy when the watch opens.