JS Consul

After a very old processing technique, the beautiful relief was applied to the dial and then provided the surface with a circular finish and gilded red. The lower layers were designed with a semi-transparent color component made especially for JS Unique watches. To obtain an even greater depth, the entire sheet was finally coated with 3 layers of Zapon varnish, which underscores the structure even more and highlights the index print more clearly.How we managed to do that remains our secret, because it took an incredible amount of time and effort to find the right processing path. The development process from the idea went on for several months. We had to do some research to bring this old craftsmanship back to life and we did not find a watchmaker to use it. The result speaks for itself, such a fine resolution and fineness of the embossing is possible only with this technique.The rose-gilded inner bezel was provided with hour markers, which were embedded in the metal and lined with the same color from the dial. The partial transparency of the colors allows the finished metal to shimmer and, depending on the light, the color, gloss and depth change. The hands have the classic form of old pocket watches and were provided with the hour index in a matte white. This contrast is a deliberate break in style between elegance and avant-garde.